Lights, Camera, Action!

Got to do one of the things I love today.  Directed a television show.  I’ve been in Television and Video Production for over twenty years now.  And this was a fun one.

Tonight was the first three shows for “Anotella’s Kitchen”.  This is a short (10 – 11 minute) show for community television in Northern Silicon Valley, KMVT.

You can find it on YouTube as well, probably in a week after this writing (April 25, 2015).  It was fun, small crew, just enough for what we needed.  We were shooting four cameras, three of which were more or less static shots, and not needing an operator past the original set-up.  We had a small audience (which was a bit of surprise to me, but something easily workable with the set-up we had.).

We shot three of the shows in under two hours, because once the cameras and lights were ready all we needed to do was prep the food for each show.  I varied the direction around, depending on the subject (for some reason a person in the audience was in the shot just enough to block the left corner of the table from the front…so I used the side and overhead camera more and adusted the seats for the next show).  Fun shoots go by quickly.

Next time I’ll make sure the lighting is just a bit better – Here’s my lighting tip for the day. White balance, then add any colored gels you want.  Having the gels in place and then white balancing negates your efforts.

It was a good night tonight.  I can’t wait for the next show!


First Disneyland memories

The first time I went to Disneyland…

must have been also one of the first times I flew.  It was around 1964 or ’65, so that would be…50 years ago??  Wow.  Anyway, we must have taken off from San Jose or San Francisco, most likely the former.  We flew to LAX, I know that, because then we transferred to a helicopter which made hops between LAX and the Disneyland Hotel Parking lot.  This was a service that started in 1956 until around 1972.  I remember that my Dad had to sit in the back while we (my mother, sister, and myself) sat somewhere around the middle of the ‘copter.  Most likely because he was 6’3 and weighed somewhere around 200 lbs.

From there one there are bits and pieces that I remember.

  1. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, and took the monorail into the park.  At one point we got to sit with the pilot (something I still enjoy doing to this day).
  2. I remember riding both Dumbo and the Autopia with my Dad.  I would love to have a picture of us in Dumbo.  The size comparison alone would make me smile.
  3. I rode the motorboat ride at night with my mother. The loading area is still across from the Matterhorn. The fireworks started while I was on the ride and I remember forgetting about the ride and watching the fireworks.
  4. I got a Peter Pan hat.  No mouse-ears. That would come later.
  5. My sister got a glow in the dark Tinkerbell wand.  Bascially the whole wand had been molded in that glow in the dark material they had back then.
  6. Frontierland had the donkeys back then, no big thunder.  And you could buy non alaholic drinks on the Mark Twain.
  7. Oh, and we rode to the moon and back before Apollo 11. Take that Neil Armstrong!

My Video Store

At one point I owned a video store back when they were first starting out.

Got in at the right time (goodbye Betamax) and out before a lot of video stores were hit by the Tracy Lords scandal (   see this 1986 article for an account of this and some of the fallout.).

This is not to say that I ran an X-rated video store.  Many stores in California had tapes of all ratings, the X-rated were usually kept in another room away from the G to R rated films.

The long and short of it was during this time I averaged watching a film a day – over 350 films a year, only to have a knowledge of what I was peddling!  (Triva time folks.  How much did “Star Wars” go for retail when it first appeared on VHS?  $99 and up.  No special features, just the movie.)

I like films in general, but remakes for the most part I can do without, and I really dislike* when they take an old movie and try to update it or make it “hip”, “contempory”, or “modern”.

*I’m trying not to use the word hate in these blogs of mine. But you should get the idea.

Currently, I have over 600 DVD/Blu-rays in my personal video collection, mainly movies, some TV series, some animation, a lot of Disney.  And James Bond. And Doctor Who.

I like to think of my taste as “ecletic”.

Hello world!

There’s a song that I’m singing, C’mon get happy!

Oh, wait.  That’s the Partridge Family.  Let’s try this again.

Hello World, and welcome to mine.  Here I will be commenting on movies, old and new, my likes and dislikes in general, and my travels, past, present, and future.

About me (feel free to skip) (or hop, dance around, jog, etc.)

I’m in my (gulp) late fifties and have been in Television and Video Production for over twenty years now.  I’ve worked on commercials, did grunt work on a couple of films, and been involved in “the arts” most of my life.  I like movies, travelling, the San Francisco Giants, writing, and misc TV series.  Some of which I know way too much about.  More about me at another time.

So on with the show!