My Video Store

At one point I owned a video store back when they were first starting out.

Got in at the right time (goodbye Betamax) and out before a lot of video stores were hit by the Tracy Lords scandal (   see this 1986 article for an account of this and some of the fallout.).

This is not to say that I ran an X-rated video store.  Many stores in California had tapes of all ratings, the X-rated were usually kept in another room away from the G to R rated films.

The long and short of it was during this time I averaged watching a film a day – over 350 films a year, only to have a knowledge of what I was peddling!  (Triva time folks.  How much did “Star Wars” go for retail when it first appeared on VHS?  $99 and up.  No special features, just the movie.)

I like films in general, but remakes for the most part I can do without, and I really dislike* when they take an old movie and try to update it or make it “hip”, “contempory”, or “modern”.

*I’m trying not to use the word hate in these blogs of mine. But you should get the idea.

Currently, I have over 600 DVD/Blu-rays in my personal video collection, mainly movies, some TV series, some animation, a lot of Disney.  And James Bond. And Doctor Who.

I like to think of my taste as “ecletic”.


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