Hello world!

There’s a song that I’m singing, C’mon get happy!

Oh, wait.  That’s the Partridge Family.  Let’s try this again.

Hello World, and welcome to mine.  Here I will be commenting on movies, old and new, my likes and dislikes in general, and my travels, past, present, and future.

About me (feel free to skip) (or hop, dance around, jog, etc.)

I’m in my (gulp) late fifties and have been in Television and Video Production for over twenty years now.  I’ve worked on commercials, did grunt work on a couple of films, and been involved in “the arts” most of my life.  I like movies, travelling, the San Francisco Giants, writing, and misc TV series.  Some of which I know way too much about.  More about me at another time.

So on with the show!


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