6 Facts you may not be aware of during Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond

Now that it seems official that Daniel Craig is stepping away from the role of James Bond, I’ve been thinking of his tenure and present six facts you may not be aware of.

  1.     First Actor as James Bond in the EON series not to have the Gun Barrel Sequence opening for more than one film. Daniel_Craig_James_Bond_Based_On

The gun barrel sequence, as it is known, appeared at the end of the films Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall.  It was not until SPECTRE that the sequence was at the beginning of the movie.  The only other time the sequence did not open an EON film was Doctor No.

      2.     First actor to have the least amount of female partners over the course of four films.

If you only include the woman Bond is shown actually having sex with, or in bed with, Craig’s Bond has only bedded six women: Vesper, Agent Fields, Severine, unknown woman in Skyfall (billed as “Bond’s Lover”), Lucia, and Madeline.  That is a measly one point five females per film.  Not exactly keeping the British end up, are we?  Compare that to Sean Connery’s first four film total of at least nine, including two (the Gypsy Camp girls in FRWL) at once!  Roger Moore has a least nine encounters as well.  Three alone in his debut Bond film, Live and Let Die, and Pierce Brosnsan enjoyed at least ten women in his four films as 007.

      3.     Oh, yeah, have we mentioned yet that Craig is the first Blonde haired Bond?

      4,     Out of all the Bond Films where Felix Lieter makes an appearance, Craig is the only actor to have the same actor playing Felix

Felix didn’t even bother showing up in any of the Brosnan films, changed between each of the two Dalton films, only showed up in the first Roger Moore film, and changed each time he appeared in the Connery films.

      5.     Craig is the only Bond actor to have at least four films linked by Spectre but only one appearance of Blofeld.

It is revealed that SPECTRE is behind LeChiffre, Quantum, and Silva, but Blofeld only makes an appearance in SPECTRE.  The five of the first six Bond films of the series involve Spectre (Dr. No through Diamonds are Forever, the exception is Goldfinger) and Blofeld makes a vocal or physical appearance in four of the five films, including finally seeing his face in the last three.   Spectre, and thus Blofeld was not present in any of the Dalton or Brosnan films, and Blofeld maybe is the man in the wheelchair in the pre-title opening sequence of the Moore film For Your Eyes Only.

      6.     Believe it or Not, Daniel Craig is the first James Bond to walk OUT of the Gun Barrel Sequence.

At the end of Quantum of Solace, the gun barrel sequence occurs.  Bond enters from the right side of the screen, shoots, the red covers the barrel, it disappears, and Craig exits to the left side of the screen out of the gun barrel.

       007 Bonus – The Daniel Craig Bond soundtracks were the first ones NOT to include the title song on them.

The title songs were released as separate singles.  Thus you needed to dole out more money for the “complete” soundtrack.

008 Update Bonus No Time to Die Spoilers ahead!

Craig’s Bond is the only one to have officially fathered a child in the series.

And sadly the only Bond to actually die in the series.  #RIP Daniel Craig’s James Bond!

Can you think of any others?  Drop us a line or add a comment below!  Happy viewing!




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