Copenhagen: First day here.


I’m in Copenhagen this morning. Trying to adjust to the time. It’s just past seven am. The above photo is the view from my hotel window.  I’m staying at the Radisson Blu Royal. (As opposed to the non royal Radisson Blu’s…of which there are two others in town).  The RBR is built in the SAS building, which apparently is Copenhagens only skyscraper.  Arrived yesterday afternoon.  The flight from SFO was delayed by about an hour but made up half of that in that in the air.  Economy class.  Let me just say it felt like sitting on a thinly padded folding chair for nearly eleven hours.  I’ve had better.    Napped for a couple of hours on arrival.  Went out around Eight p.m., still bright, dusk wasn’t until almost ten.  Wandered into town and finally found a high end burger place. Good food.

Got back to the hotel and went back to sleep until around 4 a.m. Oh how I love visiting new places, but adjusting in short time to the massive time shift….


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