No, not that kind.  The kind I was doing today.

Got a call from my “former” stepson (if there is a proper term for it I haven’t heard it yet.  He’s in film school up “in the city”, or what we’ve called San Francisco since I can remember around here.  Not San Jose, nor any other “cities” between here and the Bay.  San Francisco has always been “THE City”.

Anyway, he was shooting a project and was having trouble getting people to be in the film.  Could I please play a small role for him?

Now this would involve me to

a) Drive 90 minutes each way

b) Miss watching a Giants game

c) Have to drive in San Francisco, something I really, really hate doing and

d)  Have to find parking on a Sunday.

So of course I said yes.

I’ve seen some of his projects, and, trying to keep my shirt buttons from popping off, he’s really good. Especially his editing.  He showed me his first 47 seconds which he had already put together and I told him if he removed one part of it he could use the rest as a trailer.  It was that interesting.

Shoot went fine.

The Giants swept the Angels of Anaheim with Lincecum on the mound and Posey catching – something that happens once a year.  Timmy went eight innings. Giants won 5-0.

Driving up wasn’t bad, and I avoided a big part of back-up by stopping for a meal in San Jose and taking the back roads home.

It took me 20 minutes to find parking within two blocks of the shoot.

But damn I’m proud of him.


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